Cruzito Newborn| Silver City, NM

May 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

Cruzito is not only an amazingly gorgeous boy, but he is my 4th nephew!  We had the opportunity to celebrate Easter and meet him for the first time during April.  When I found out we would be making a quick trip to meet him, I couldn't help but sneak a few props and my photography lighting in the car so that we could capture some sweet moments before he grew too much!

These pictures were taken when Cruzito was 3 weeks old in my brother-in-laws dining room, with two baskets, a few wraps and one floor drop.  For those of you who might be just starting your newborn photography journey or wondering if you need a bunch of fancy props and a big space, you can definitely make due with what you have as you grow your business!

I just love this little man and I think he makes such a handsome addition to our family.  Don't you agree? <3


Jeffrey castillo(non-registered)
I love it . You are amazing at your new profession! Keep up the awesome work Sis! Love ya ❤️
He's beautiful! You captured him perfectly...
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