People inspire me to do what I do. There is nothing like capturing the excitement of a bride and groom on their wedding day, a precious newborn, a toddler learning to walk, or the diverse personalities of a family through a portrait.

I love my job and here's a few reasons why I do what I do:

  • I won my first camera when I was in the sixth grade and I have not put one down since. I have always been "the one with the camera" capturing shots of all of life's events. My nephew finds this annoying :)
  • My true inspiration to begin getting "serious" about photography came with the birth of my oldest son. I could not put the camera down and he inspired me (and still does) to improve my photography skills. He is definitely my most (ok maybe my second most) challenging model!
  • My heart doubled in size with the birth of my youngest son, who has now become my latest (and most challenging) model :)
  • My education background is in Family Studies (BA from University of Arizona) and Public Administration (MPA from University of New Mexico). I have also been very fortunate to attend and complete numerous photography trainings and workshops.  
  • I am a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and take many workshops to hone my skills under this professional organization.
  • I second shot quite a few weddings under the direction of an amazing photographer, John Nelson, before leaping out on my own wedding photography. 
  • I have taken many newborn focused workshops; to learn proper safety techniques, posing and lighting.  
  • Why photography?-Photography for me, is a nice mix of working with people, utilizing business skills, and a mechanism to release my creativity.
  • Lee is my middle name and yes, it is spelled like a dad must have predicted that I would use it someday!
  • I'm left handed, love the outdoors, traveling and having fun with my husband and boys.  

I find being around others is where I belong.  I love getting to know new people, hearing their story and working my best to capture they are and what they are experiencing in this short moment in time.


I look forward to not only capturing your own "moment in time" but assisting to create artwork that can be passed down for generations.  


To read more about my journey, click here.